File Name and Tag Coordinator


This is probably the most comprehensive tool in the suite as it incorporates the Artificial Intelligent Name Extraction System (AINES). More will be explained on this later.


How often have you received or obtained a bunch of MP3's from an external source and the file names are in a whole multitude of different formats? All caps, or all lowercase, underscores instead of spaces, file name prepended with a Web site address, song title then artist, artist then song title, etc., etc. And it doesn't stop there of course, because then you've got the ID3 Tag. It doesn't match the information in the file name, the Comment field advertises a Web site, and more often than not, the ID3v2 Tag is missing.

That's where File Name and Tag Coordinator comes in. Once you've Scanned in the MP3's you want to work with in the MP3 Scanning Centre, you can use File Name and Tag Coordinator to Simulate the changes that AINES would make on the files so that you can review them before applying the changes.


In the File Name and Tag Coordinator window, you will be presented with a Simulate Results list on the right of the window and a number of buttons and check boxes to the left of the list. These controls are placed in sequential order from top to bottom to guide you in using them in the correct order.

To Simulate changes:

  1. Question  Are all the files I'm working with by the same Artist?  Yes No Why?

  2. Make sure the File Name and Tag Coordinator Options are set how you want them.

  3. Press the Simulate button to Simulate the changes. Each file in the MP3 Scanning Centre (that is checked) will be processed using AINES and the Results displayed in the Simulate Results list.

  4. Review the proposed changes in the Simulate Results list and make any changes as necessary. Click for more info >> Each Simulate Result is proposed a change in its file name and ID3 Tag with a level of confidence assigned by AINES. This level of confidence is indicated by the Action column and also by the colour of the Simulate Result list item.

  5. Question  Do I need to override any of the ID3 Tag fields en masse?  Yes No Why?

  6. Question  Do I want the file names of all the files processed to change?  Yes No Why?

  7. Press the Apply button to apply the changes. Each file in the Simulate Results list will be processed according to the options selected.

I want to:

 Actions available in File Name and Tag Coordinator: