MP3 Scanning Centre


This is the central hub from which most other operations within The Complete MP3 Manager occur. Generally, for most things you'll want to do in The Complete MP3 Manager, you will need to scan in the MP3's you want to work with in the MP3 Scanning Centre.


In the MP3 Scanning Centre window, you will be presented with an Explorer-like folder tree view of your computer system in the left pane. Below this pane is a Scan button. Use the sign on the folder tree view to navigate to a folder with some MP3's on your hard disk then press the Scan button. The MP3's will be Scanned in and displayed as a list in the right pane complete with information on each file's ID3 Tag information, MPEG information and other details. Now that you have some files to work with, you may select any of the other tools in The Complete MP3 Manager (via the Tools menu or the Integrator panel) to perform further operations on these files.

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