Encoder Decoder


Encoder Decoder converts MP3 files to WAV format and vice versa. Encoder Decoder uses an encoding tool called LAME and it is this tool that most of this Help topic will cover as the options available for using this tool are extensive. A further feature of Encoder Decoder is the CD Ripper tool. This allows you to rip audio tracks from an audio CD and place them on your hard disk as WAV files. You may then use the Encoder Decoder tool to encode them to MP3 format.


In the Encoder Decoder window, you will be presented with a main list area that lists files ready to be encoded or decoded. Above this are a number of buttons to use the features of the tool. Press the Read Scan Results button to read all the Scan Results (that are checked) in the MP3 Scanning Centre and list them in the Encoder Decoder window showing the file type of each one. This file type is based on the extension name of the file and is obtained from the Windows Registry. This will indicate whether you can encode or decode the file. Once you have all the files listed that you wish to encode or decode, and have set your Encoder Decoder options how you want them, press the Encode All or Decode All button. If you wish to encode or decode individual files, select the file you want to work with and select the Encode to MP3 or Decode to WAV menu item from the Actions menu.

Actions available in Encoder Decoder: