Duplicate Finder


This tool will simply search through your MP3's Scanned in the MP3 Scanning Centre and quickly root out any files that it considers are duplicates. Since comparing file names for being identical is not adequate due to slight differences in the file name that may exist between two different files, Duplicate Finder targets its criteria on what could make two (or more) MP3's possible duplicates. Duplicate Finder uses the Title fields in the ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags to determine is two files are possible duplicates. If either of the Title fields in one file's ID3 Tag are equal to either of the Title fields in the other file's ID3 Tag, then the two files are considered duplicates.


In the Duplicate Finder window, you will be presented with a duplicates list taking up most of the window. Above this are a number of buttons. Press the Find Duplicates button to search through the Scan Results (that are checked) in the MP3 Scanning Centre and list any possible duplicates found. The Delete Selected Files button only becomes enabled when there is at least one item checked in the duplicates list. You may do this by checking items manually or by using the Actions menu (see below).

Actions available in Duplicate Finder: