Music Cataloguer (Text) Options


Not included / Included: These lists contain the columns available for including in the catalogue produced when using the Music Cataloguer. Only the columns listed in the Included list on the right will be included in the text files produced. Use the buttons in between the lists to move columns across.

Column Widths

The width of columns when producing Text output must be specified as the number of characters required for each column. To do this, click on the item whose width you want to change in the Included list ensuring that you click in the Width column. A spin control will appear for a short period. Use this to adjust the width of the item selected.



Sort by: Check this box to sort the catalogue listing by the sort key specified in the dropdown box. The sort keys available in the dropdown box correspond to the columns listed in the Included list. Then specify whether you wish to sort your list in ascending or descending order using the dropdown box provided.

Header Options button: Press to go to Text Cataloguer Header Options.