Music Cataloguer (HTML) Options


Not included / Included: These lists contain the columns available for including in the catalogue produced when using the Music Cataloguer. Only the columns listed in the Included list on the right will be included in the HTML files produced. Use the buttons in between the lists to move columns across.



Sort by: Check this box to sort the catalogue listing by the sort key specified in the dropdown box. The sort keys available in the dropdown box correspond to the columns listed in the Included list. Then specify whether you wish to sort your list in ascending or descending order using the dropdown box provided.

List text: Specify here the font and background colour that you wish the main list text of your HTML output to be displayed in. You may change the font by pressing the Change Font button and the background colour by clicking the Fill colour box or changing the value in the adjacent Fill combo box.

Output file name extension: Enter here the extension you wish to appear on the output file names. The default is 'htm', which is typical for standard HTML pages to be viewed in a Web browser. However, you may wish to change this if you want to expand the pages to beyond HTML, say, ASP for instance, in which case the extension would be 'asp'.

Page Properties button: Press to go to HTML Cataloguer Page Properties.

Header Options button: Press to go to HTML Cataloguer Header Options.